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Trekking Tour

Rose Valley Trekking Tour

A rose valley trekking tour is also one of my favourite entertainments in Cappadocia as good as the Balloon Tour. The standard trekking is through the famous Rose and Red Valley.

There are plenty of valleys in Cappadocia and you can also arrange other valleys as you wish. In harvest period, you can pick some grapes for wine or you may be able to pluck an apple for apple tea. You will also call to a cave church and café.

trekking tour

Beautiful fresco paintings can be seen in a hidden cave church. You will understand how Christians strongly believed in forbidden Jesus under an Islamic dominated world.

Although, there are some tough trails, enjoy the nature of Cappadocia tour by placing your feet flat on the ground. Feel the fresh air and take a deep breath, I am sure you will feel relax.

It is possible to enjoy your own trekking, but I strongly recommend joining a guided Trekking Tour, especially a group of ladies and a solo traveler.

In winter, day time trekking is my recommendation as the chilly air makes you feel very refreshed and in summer, sunset trekking is the best without question.

In summer you have plenty of time as sun-set in Cappadocia is around 8:00 PM. Bring your own wine and e-njoy your glass in front of the glorious view of Cappadocia.

Local Cappadocia grown wines are also enjoyable! Be careful! Do not drink too much! It is not the end of your journey. You still have to walk some distance in the dark.

Enjoy the rest of the bottle aft-er reaching your hotel. I will repeat that guided Trekking Tours are highly recommended. It is a 5 minutes’ drive from Goreme to Rose Valley. Go straight form the Goreme bus stop toward Avanos.