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Regular Cappadocia Tour

Green ( Ihlara Valley ) Tour

During the Green tour to Cappadocia you will visit Derinkuyu underground city, Belisirma Village, Selime Monastery, Uchisar Pigeon Valley, Ihlara Valley and Goreme Panorama.

With our guide and vehicles belonging to our company, we pick you up from your hotels between 09:30 and 09:45 and we switch to Göreme Panorama view point area, which is the first part of our tour.

Here you can watch the Goreme valley with its magnificent view, and you can also take panoramic pictures of Göreme. After the information and photo break given by our guide, we move on to our next stop, Derinkuyu Underground City.

It is the largest underground city in our region. It has 8 floors and is 55 meters deep. We see and visit the kitchen – ventilation shaft – sliding rock gates – church – water well – barn – school sections one by one with our guide.

Then we move to Ihlara Valley. It is the deepest and largest canyon of Cappadocia. After going down the 400-step stairs, we visit the Ağaçaltı Church, one of the well-preserved churches in Cappadocia. Then we start walking from the edge of the Melendiz River. We start our walk about 4 kilometers up to Belisırma Village. During the walk, you will have fun in the natural life of Ihlara Valley.

You can see different flowers and small animals. After 1 hour and 15 minutes of nature walk, we take lunch in a restaurant by the river in Belisırma Village in the middle of Ihlara Valley. After the meal, we go to Selime Monastery.

This place is also known as the cathedral and is the oldest Christian cathedral in Cappadocia. Here you can see the kitchen, missionary school, church and chapel. However, it is somewhat difficult to see frescoes. The top point of Selime Monastery has a magnificent view. The last stop of our green tour, we get information about the precious and semi-precious stones of the Cappadocia region, which we call at the silver workshops.

Then we pass to Pigeon Valley near Uchisar. Here you can watch the unique panoramic view of the Pigeon Valley and see the homes and nests of hundreds of pigeons.

The tour takes around 8 hours. In some parts you may need to walk into beatifull valleys of Cappadocia, we reccommend you bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a hat if possible.

Tour ends at 18:00, after which the group is taken back to hotel.

Tour Route

• Goreme Panorama

• Derinkuyu Underground City

• Ihlara Valley (4 Km Walk.)

• Belisirma Village

• Lunch

• Selime Monastery

• Pigeon Valley

• Onyx Workshops

Red ( Region ) Tour

On your tour to south Cappadocia you will visit Goreme Open Air Museum, cave churhces of Cappadocia, Uchisar Castle,Pasabagi Fairy Chimneys and Devrent Valley.

We pick you up from your hotels between 09:30 and 09:45 with our guide and vehicles belonging to our company. We are starting our tour with our first stop Uchisar Kale.

Our guide transfers information about his location in the first place, and then a photo break is given around the Castle. We move to Göreme Open Air Museum. You can see rock churches, chapels built by the first Christians from outside, and an Orthodox Monastery where refugees from Roman persecution took refuge in the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is among the Unesco World Heritage Sites in 1985.

You can see amazing frescoes on the walls of churches and chapels. The frescoes have come up to date based on the corrosive effects of time. Then we move to Çavuşin Village, a historical and ancient Greek Village, and visit the ruins. Our next stop is Paşabağ (Monks Valley). This is where the three-headed fairy chimneys are most intense. Here you can get detailed information about the formation of Cappadocia from our guide.

We have lunch at a local restaurant and after dinner we move to Avanos district. This is the center of terracotta art in the Hittite Civilization in 2000s before Christ. Here you will have the chance to watch and try traditional pottery art. Pottery from the clay soils used in making the city and Turkey’s longest river, which comes from the ancient times, also known as Hallys Kizilirmak’.

We visit a store with a pottery and pottery workshop. You can watch the pottery and pottery making and also try it. Our next stop is to go to Devrent (Dream Valley). In this valley, which will enchant your dreams, you can have a fun time by imagining the visual rock shapes formed differently from the existing rock shapes.

Finally, we move to Urgup and the family of fairy chimneys, which is the symbol of Cappadocia, is seen. At the end of the day, we stop by visiting one of the naturally-made wine factory of Cappadocia.

The Red Tour takes around 8 hours. In some parts you may need to walk into the beatifull valleys of Cappadocia, we reccomend you take comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a hat if possible.

The Red Tour ends at 16:00, after which the group is taken back to hotel.

Tour Route

• Uchisar Castle 

•Goreme Open Air Museum

• Love Valley

• Cavusin Village Ruins

• Lunch

• Avanos Pottery, Pottery Workshop

• Pasabag Fairy Chimneys

• Devrent Valley (Dream Valley)

• Urgup Fairy Chimneys (Three Beauties)

• Wine Experience