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Pamukkale Tours


Day trip to the ancient mystery of Pamukkale! Pamukkale, Turkey has one of the most interesting landscapes. Pamukkale is located in Denizli province and 230 km from Fethiye. The region is famous for its appartments and clear white travertines.

With the sudden release of groundwater at 35 ° C and the fly of carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate in the water collapsed into the rocks in thin layers and over time, formed travertines with soft lines like pillows.

After the day, visit Hierapolis, a Hellenistic city, which is 2,500 years old. We will have a swimming break in the world famous hot spring bath from the Roman ruins known as Cleopatra bath.

We recommend you to join this tour during your Fethiye holiday and see Pamukkale and its beauties if you have not seen it before. We recommend you not to miss this tour as there is a risk of these beauties getting lost in the near future.