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Fethiye Tours


If you are in the Mediterranean, the best daily activity that can be done on a holiday is to take a boat and visit different points and islands of the region. Turkey has many beauties and treasures, but there is much more to be discovered and most of them can be seen only from the sea. Our beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and coastline full of history at each point …

Fethiye Boat Tour

The best daily boat tour in Fethiye is 12 Islands Boat Tour. Our tour vehicles take you from your hotels to the port of Fethiye on the morning of the tour. After all the customers come to our boat, our well-trained, friendly staff completes their preparations to leave the harbor with our traditional wooden gulet with motor and sailing masts and our tour begins.

We will visit many different islands all day long, our captain will stop at the most beautiful of these islands for swimming break and lunch. Some islands can only be seen from the boat and it is impossible to approach, but your captain will stand in the best!

If you want to rest and relax, this will be the best tour choice for you. Lie on the deck under the Mediterranean sun, listen to the melodies of the wind and enjoy freshly cooked meals on the deck. And we have a surprise! You can see some special points Cleopatra has visited before you on this tour!


Come join a relaxing and fresh air day. We believe that we have done the best of the horse riding tour which is very fun. The tour is held in ancient Kayakoy (Ghost Town), where you can get fresh air and feel the spirit of pine trees.

Fethiye Horseback Riding Tour

You don’t have to know how to ride a horse. Our tour operators will give you all the training in groups. We have horses suitable for minors. If you feel hungry after the clean forest air, our snacks (not included in the price) are waiting for you.

We offer a very enjoyable experience for the whole family. Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the tour. Also, wearing a hat will be useful for sun protection.


We promise you will see a completely different life under water. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be professional or experienced in diving. We have professional teachers to help and guide you all day. After this amazing adventure, you will definitely repeat your diving experience.

We organize daily diving tours for everyone. We start in the morning, leave the harbor with our dive boat and go to the dive point. Our instructors and teachers provide training and information about equipment and diving. During the dive, our instructors follow you and guide you at any time. After the wonderful dives, we will return to the port at around 18:00.

Fethiye Diving Tour with fish

There is room for everyone on our boat. If you don’t want to dive, if you just want to watch your family or friends while diving, come with us. On-board dining and PADI and BSAC diving courses are also available.

Join us! Have an underwater experience that you will tell your friends for many years.