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Cappadocia Hotels

You have many alternatives for Cappadocia hotels , which is always the favorite of tourism with its nature, history and legends that still travel from language to language.

You can choose one of the countless Cappadocia hotels to stay according to your season, comfort or budget, and stay in the closest places to your travel route.

We also recommend you to review the best hotels in Cappadocia that we have chosen for you.

Hotels in Cappadocia

The hotels, which are the background of Cappadocia, a land like a fairy tale, are built in a way that identifies with fairy chimneys and traditional life texture.

Almost all of them were carved into the rocks. Some of the centuries-old stone houses of the region have been restored and turned into boutique hotels. Even a fascinating atmosphere has been created that foreign tourists have begun to come to the region just to stay in these hotels.

Stone houses, where almost all of them are close to sightseeing and have a view of a valley or stream, are very popular in Cappadocia accommodation.

You can evaluate cave hotel alternatives for a holiday that you can evaluate on your day off, special day celebrations and honeymoon.

Although we have made several orientations for Cappadocia accommodation according to its budget and comfort, you can also choose the places you will compare on the same bars.

If you want to stay in Cappadocia at an affordable price, you can make evaluations between hostels, hostels, apartments and boutique hotels. Since hostels have common areas with other guests, we do not recommend you stay for holidays with your family.

If you say ‘Historical texture is important to me’, you can highlight stone houses from the options you will consider for Cappadocia accommodation.

Stone houses provide accommodation services on the streets, on the river bank or on the valley slopes of the touristic districts in the Cappadocia region.

Others stay at distances accessible by car from vineyards and greenery areas outside of these points.

Stone houses, which are hot in winter and cool in summer, have a natural insulation that provides this insulation. By sipping your Cappadocia wine in front of the fireplace in winter, you can watch the balloons flying in the air and the unique nature views.

In summer, you can watch the sunset on their verandas or terraces.

Let us also add that the hotels known in the world also serve in Cappadocia, for those who say ‘My budget is enough, will I come to the world again and stay in the most comfortable’.

In these hotels that do not spoil the standard of the services offered and combine the texture of the region with today’s trends, you will find a hospitality worthy of your budget.

Cappadocia Regions and Accommodation

Accommodation in Goreme

Cappadocia is one of the most preferred locations due to the proximity of places to visit on foot in Göreme accommodation and its restaurants are abundant and quieter.

The Goreme Open Air Museum, which is called irrevocable in Cappadocia, often shifts its accommodation preferences here. The most attractive tourist spots for those who want to explore Cappadocia without a car are located in Goreme.

Although it is a small town, it hosts about 200 accommodation. You can choose from hotels on the slope where you can see the balloons flying in the sky at the beginning of the day.

You can choose Travelers Cave Pension and Royal Stone Houses, which are located in the center for Goreme accommodation with an economical budget, and which also accept your pets.

In order to stay in Göreme in the average price range, you can evaluate Maccan Cave Hotel, Imperial Cave Hotel, Sultan Cave Suites, Historical Göreme House, which also adopts a traditional style.

Accommodation in Uchisar

Since Uchisar is the highest point of Cappadocia, you will find hotels that offer the opportunity to watch the whole Cappadocia from above. Compared to other touristic spots, it is calmer and has a mild wind that is good in summer.

If you are looking for comfort and luxury in a stay, Uchisar is very rich in hotels that will meet your expectations.

Argos in Cappadocia is one of the award-winning hotels among Uchisar hotels. It has added its name to the list of the best hotels in the world with both romance and comfortable presentations.

Aden Hotel is one of the other hotels of Uchisar that you will consider for accommodation in Taskonaklar and Kaya Hotel.

Accommodation in Urgup

If you enjoy nightlife and enjoy entertainment, Urgup will be the right choice for your stay. Historical mansions built in the time of Seljuks, carved houses from the cave have been restored and transformed into boutique hotels in Urgup, the most developed region of Cappadocia.

Urgup is the easiest place to reach the pharmacy on duty if your child gets fever at night or if you have a problem that requires an emergency solution. Although traditional texture is tried to be preserved, let’s not go without saying that you will feel like you are in a city in Urgup. It is also the closest location to the places to visit in Cappadocia and accommodation is preferred here. It is easier to reach Kayseri and Nevşehir airports when you stay here.

Kayakapı Premium Caves Cappadocia is a traditional Urgup hotel where you can watch Urgup from the hill.

Hotel Cave Konak Urgup, Dere Suites, Serinn Hause, Aravan House, Sacred House Hotel are among the most popular hotels in Urgup. Famous series house Asmalı Konak is one of the places you can choose for accommodation in Urgup.

Accommodation in Avanos

Avanos is a preferred town after Goreme, Uchisar and Urgup in terms of accommodation.

This charming town, mostly known for its artist identity and pottery workshops, is renowned for its restored ‘Avanos Houses’. If you are going to stay in Avanos, you can stay in restored stone houses such as Tevfik Körükçü Mansion and Hikmet Cingi House.

Cappadocia accommodation prices and services provided

In most of the hotels in the Cappadocia region, you do not pay accommodation for your children between the ages of 0-7. Services such as internet and parking are free and usually the price of bed and breakfast is provided.

Some hotels can provide airport transfers and can guide daily tours and balloon tours. When you choose boutique hotels, you experience family warmth and comfort when you choose big hotels. Prices vary according to the seasons.

The peak season of Cappadocia is spring and autumn months. Prices are higher during these months and public holidays.

In summer and winter, you can stay at slightly lower prices. Prices can start at an average of 40 TL per night per guesthouse and hostels and exceed 500 TL for luxury accommodation.

Tips for accommodation in Cappadocia

Making reservations in advance for your accommodation in Cappadocia prevents you from having trouble in terms of location. It is necessary to reserve a place at least two months before the holidays.

When you choose your hotel, you can look at the testimonials and read the comments about the reservations you make on the internet.

It is now very easy to compare prices in terms of the internet sites. You can also buy discounts and additional services on occasion sites at certain periods.

1.Argos in Cappadocia

For Argos in Cappadocia, which we will begin to explain by saying that even there is a pool in the rooms, we can say that it is the hotel that gives the right to those who love luxury.

The hotel, which was founded with the restoration of an area consisting of a monastery, a cave, historical houses and tunnels connecting these living spaces, dating back thousands of years, is located right under Uchisar Castle in Old Uchisar Village, the highest point of Cappadocia. You will not get enough to watch the view of Erciyes Mountain, which extends to Pigeon Valley. Sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine from the hotel’s own vineyard is also a different pleasure, tasting its magnificent dishes on its terrace…

In the hotel rooms, which consist of seven separate mansions and a total of 51 room-suites, everything is thought for the guests, and a simple and high quality style is used in its upholstery.

Address: Kayabaşı Street, No: 23 Uçhisar / Nevşehir

Tel: (384) 219 31 30 aic@argosincappadocia.com

2. Kayakapı Premium Caves

Kayakapı Mahallesi, which is also known as ‘Ağalar Mahallesi’, which is one of the first settlements in Urgup, shines again with the opening of the hotel. The cappadocia hotels complex, designed like a neighborhood of hundreds of caves and historical houses, including the rock church from the 10th century, the house of Aziz Yuhannes and a mosque from the Seljuks. The historical fabric of this ancient Greek neighborhood has been protected by Unesco.

All houses in the hotel are known by the name of the craftsmen who lived in time. In the rooms, all kinds of comfort from sauna to pool are considered. The scenic restaurant lays out the nature for you to witness the sunrise and sunset. The hotel is 8.5 km from Goreme National Park, 13 km from Avanos and 48 km from Cappadocia Airport.

Address: Kayakapi Mahallesi, Kuşçular Sokak No: 43, Ürgüp / Nevşehir

Tel: (384) 341 88 77 – (384) 341 25 77 contact@kayakapi.com

3. Peri Masalı Cave Hotel

The hotel, which was formed with the restoration of one of the 19th century historical houses of Mustafapaşa, which is 6 km south of Urgup, is the fairy tale of Cappadocia with a lot of fairy stories. Each of the fairy tale Cave Rooms is called by a separate fairy name. While enjoying the comfort and decor in haunted rooms such as Echo, Daphne, Lkye, you can watch Cappadocia from its terrace, which takes on the colors of the sunset in the evening.

Address: Davutlu Mah. Şehit Aslan Yakar Sokak, No: 6 Mustafapaşa / Ürgüp / Nevşehir

Tel: (384) 353 50 90 – (544) 570 00 50 info@perimasalihotel.com

4. Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel, which adds different advantages to this spirit among the hotels that reflect the spirit of Cappadocia hotels, is a hotel designed in a museum atmosphere like its name. The hotel, which is furnished as a collection exhibits with unique antiques, has 30 traditional stone rooms. You can watch the Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, Mount Erciyes and Avanos from the bird’s eye view at Museum Hotel, which is one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Europe.

Address: Tekelli Mah. No.1 Uçhisar / Nevşehir

Tel: (384) 219 22 20 – (384) 219 24 44 info@museumhotel.com.tr